What are they?

Beehives house a swarm of bees. Don't disturb them or else they will attack!

When do I first encounter Beehives?

They are introduced in The Honey Cove (Level 18)

How do I disturb a Beehive?

You can disturb a Beehive by popping bubbles attached to it, or by a direct hit

What Happens if I disturb a beehive?

After disturbing a Beehive, it will begin to count down from 5. With each bubble shot from your cannon, the counter will decrease by 1.When the counter reaches 0, a swarm of bees will fly down and attack. Bubbles will panic and shoot the next 3 bubbles from the cannon in random directions

How do I get rid of a Beehive?

You can drop the Beehive or shoot it with a Coconut, Steel, Fire, Lightning, Rainbow,or Bomb bubbles. If you shoot the Beehive with a regular bubble,  the bubble will turn into fruit & the beehive starts the countdown. If you shoot the Beehive with a Paint bubble, nothing will happen.

Can I disturb a Beehive if it is out of view?

Yes, you can still disturb a Beehive if it is off the screen. So be careful when shooting above the visible field

Can I use a Power-Up for Beehives?

You can use he Beehive Power Up which protects you from the next three bee attacks!

Is there any strategy to use against Beehives?

The On-Fire Bombs or a Special Bubble for a direct hit & look for Beehives with same colored bubbles surrounding them, you have the best chance of dropping them before the countdown reaches zero.

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