Bubble Safari - Level 149

There are 5 sticky bombs in the cannon (see below). Shooting them into the Rotators will help place them near the Spawners and Flower Blossoms, anywhere else & you risk dropping them before they can explode.
Unless you get lucky with the colors on first shots, the lower Spawners will fill the center, so focus on the clearing the outsides, there are weak points left & right (hightlighted by a X), removing these will drop the whole lower section.
I find the Flower Blossoms (Highlighted in red) can help on this level, so don't try to beat them for speed, if you hesitate, it is better to let the new colors land before deciding on your next shot.
Remember with Rotators although they appear to be discs, the solid part is the small circle in the center, you can shoot through the sides of the disc to reach bubbles behind
Try to save a Sticky Bomb for the top row, it can clear 5 bubbles for you.

 29, 22, 16, 12, 8   (5)

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