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We all know that the Flash Player is a core component of our gaming, so if you are experiencing problems with the game & are tired of being told the same old  "Clear the Cache", here are some other things worth trying. The first section contains topics applicable to all browsers, with browser specific issues tabled below. I will update as more info comes to hand.

A good Adobe Help page

Make sure your browser up to date.

Make sure your browser is up to date...using the "About..." menu tool. For MS Internet Explorer & Firefox users it is under Help in the Menu, for Chrome users it is in the toolbox top right corner.
Read more here... Problems loading the Game

Do you have Adobe Shockwave player installed?

Shockwave is a separate multimedia platform that may be used by some of the other page elements (Thinking of the advertising) that the game window is being viewed on...You can test if you have it installed by visiting the Adobe Shockwave page here  (The page also includes a flashplayer test, which is very handy).. If you do install watch out for the bundled "offers", sure they have to make a buck, but you don't want to download anything you didn't want

Re-Installing the Flash Player.
Step 1Uninstall the Flash player - Adobe's instructions can be found on this link (Mac users note that the page contains a link at the top for the Mac instructions)
Step 2 - Re-install - From Adobe's install page** 
**Please Note - When downloading the new install, there will be bundled offers of toolbars, search engines or other browsing related products, so read each box before you accept, so you don't end up with something extra you didn't want

Checking the Flash player settings.
This is done from the game window, a YouTube video or basically any flash based content on a webpage... Right Click on the game & choose Settings from the pop-up menu...  Hardware Acceleration is not really required & can cause conflicting requests on your system resources.

Disable Secure Browsing on Facebook??

I suggest that if you are currently playing the game on Facebook under secure browsing DON'T CHANGE IT. The main reason for conflicts under secure browsing is not the game itself, but the ads surrounding it. Why should we have to change our security setting just for the game, it is Zynga's job to make sure the ad's are compliant.



Chrome has a built in Flash Player, whereas the other browsers use a stand alone version, so uninstalling the player won't uninstall it, However Chrome still recognizes both versions, so make sure that you are running only one version. To check, open a new browser tab & copy/paste in the below
You should see the screen image below. (click to enlarge)
Locate the Flash Plugin & confirm only the native in-built version is enabled, disable all others (It is the TYPE: NPAPI) Click on Details at the top right corner to expand the list. A lot of people will say that the stand alone is a better version but I find that because Chrome is a 32 bit browser, if you are running a 64 bit system, the built-in 32 player gives me better performance.


For Firefox press CTL+SHIFT+A to display your Add On Manager. However as Firefox only recognizes it's own version, running multiple players should not be a problem.


Without trying to be rude, if you are currently using Internet Explorer to play online games, you should consider switching to either Chrome or Firefox. However, if you insist on continuing with IE, most of the Firefox information applies.

Internet Explorer 10

Some users have reported an improvement in game performance, especially sending & receiving gifts by upgrading to IE 10.  To determine your current IE version go to the menu bar,  Tools > About Internet Explorer
The link below is to the official Microsoft download

Click here to download Internet Explorer 10

Turn off Active X filtering

In IE, having Active X filtering enabled will prevent the game from loading, to turn off you will find it in the Menu under Tools

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