What are they?

The Vines are special bubbles that will grow over adjacent bubbles with each shot

When will I first encounter vines?

They are introduced in The Briars Patch (Level 66)

What do the Vines do?

Vines ‘lock’ up adjacent bubbles, which prevents you from popping them. Bubbles infected with Vines will appear in 2 states, half and fully covered. Half covered bubbles can be popped regularly while fully covered bubbles can not be popped by any Boost bubble or Fire.

How does the Vine grow?

The vine grows with every shot, shooting the last half infected bubble will drive the vine back to its "root", but it will grow again unless the root is destroyed

How do I get rid of the Vine

The Vine ‘root’ can be popped from dropping them or direct hits from Fire, Coconuts, Steel, Lightning, and Rainbow bubbles. Regular bubbles and Paint Boost Bubbles have no effect! If the Vine roots are destroyed, the Vine will wither and the bubbles affected will behave like normal

Will the Vine grow if it is out of the field of view?

No, only the visible vines will grow

Can other hazards be infected with Vines?

The other Hazards (Spawners, Beehives, Poacher Traps etc.) Coconuts, Steel bubbles,  & empty slots cannot be infected by vines

Is there any strategy I can use against Vines?

Vines are usually lower priority than the spawning hazards as their action is more predictable. shooting out connecting bubbles can stop them from growing
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