Bubble Safari - Level 138

This level looks deceptively easy, with the horizontal rows connected at the sides, the biggest problem is learning how the new Rotator hazard works.
The horizontal rows are connected at both sides by a single bubble above the Rotator, this is their weak point, so look for pops close to Rotators rather than the center, to create a path to these bubbles.
The best way to destroy the Rotators is with On-Fire bombs, so start by looking to set up three fruit drops to get On-Fire & remove the Rotators, aiming fire bombs at points where the horizontal rows are more than two bubbles deep will take more than one fire bomb to break through.
Try to  work on two  horizontal rows at the same time to keep the bubble rack moving, focusing on one side will hold the bubble rack up & reduce the available shots you can make.
There are -3 Bubbles & a Bouncy Bubble (Circled in yellow), but the main hazard is the Flower Blossom at the top left (Highlighted in red), this will quickly break up any color combo's once it becomes visible.

Rotators & On-Fire Mode
Rotaors take some practice, basically how they work is the game determines that the shot is complete on the first contact your shot makes.. so if the first contact is with a neighbouring bubble then deflects onto your target bubble the On-Fire count is reset, even if you do get a fruit drop.. tricky stuff. 
Also with Rotators, the rotator is actually the small circle at the centre, not the disc, so you can actually shoot through the sides of the discs to reach a bubble behind it 

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