Bubble Safari - Level 188

There is no fast path to the top on this level.
Removing the Circle Spawners at the center bottom will disconnect the left & right sides, but really it's a matter of working up the board looking for the three drops needed to catch On-Fire.
The Flower Blossoms
On this level the Flowers can actually help you by changing the board; if the game does not have many matching combo's
You probably won't be able to beat them for speed, so pause & plan the next two shots & consider what color you would want for the third bubble, if the color comes up keep shooting, if you need time to react the Flower will beat you.
The Circle Spawners
They will only fill the spaces in the circle with new bubbles. The existing bubbles will remain the same color, so sometimes it is better to let it spawn if the existing bubbles offer an opportunity for a future fruit drop.

43, 34, 25, 16 - FIRE
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Leslie said...

This is not the same screen I have on level 188 of my game and it is impossible to reach the minimum score. Is it possible there is some kind of wrong update sent out. I've seen several postings saying the same thing!