Bubble Safari - Level 120

The lower sections are a set piece, it just needs practice.  You can fine tune the angles as you shoot each section (the early angles are more forgiving). Keep watching the cannon to know when to switch bubbles.
There isn't really any short cuts to the lower sections, so I wouldn't waste a Boost Bubble, save them for the top.
I like to pause after clearing the lower sections. The Flower Blossoms won't activate before you shoot, so plan your next two shots then continue..
Level 120 might be too close to the other icons in the corner of the map (multi-player etc). Try dragging the map to move the level 120 flag away from them.
THE SWEET SPOTS (Click to enlarge) 
The bottom section, use the outside ring of the red magnet in line with the top of the first row of coconutsThe middle section, just inside the inner ring of the red magnet, in line with the center of the lower row of coconutsThe top section, off the wall inline with the top of the second row of coconuts
Bubble Safari is a free facebook Puzzle game created by ZYNGA
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Anonymous said...

I'm on level 109 and there is no alternate bubble to click on. Are they not offered anymore?

sifra2 said...

Bubble game