Bubble Safari - Level 171

Probably the hardest level in the game. You will need to get a streak of Fire-Bubbles. The Clouds will almost certainly zap you if you shoot into them, so avoid them. You will need every bubble in the hopper and may have to buy extra. (If you have the Safari cash, buying extra bubbles at the end if needed is the better option, not at the start with coins).
I had more success by focusing on the center and use Fire- Bubbles for the outside (The Poacher Traps and TNT are too easy to hit) I use the first two  Fire-Bubbles to create holes and; the third one to try for a fruit drop. There are two Fire-Bombs in the cannon hopper (see below).

25, 12 -  FIRE BOMB (2)
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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for your help with the levels...you had me a little worried about completing this one by saying it's probably the most difficult one in the game...maybe I got lucky, but I completed it on the first try with no extra bubbles (including friends' bubbles and the boost bubble slot thingy) or any power-ups...still had 16 bubbles left in the hopper...like I said, I guess I got lucky...thanks again for all your help...

sifra2 said...

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