Bubble Safari - Level 123

The opening looks tricky but use the Sweet Spot shown below & you should be able to drop the pink row of bubbles first shot every time. The tricky part comes after that.
Dropping the row of pink bubbles will activate the Beehives above, however because the Beehives activate at the same time you will only lose three shots should the bees attack, some games it will be the better option to take the hit.

The biggest obstacle on this level will be the color of your shots, in.particular the start of the game, which will be a string of pink bubble shots, so start by dropping the shots in places where you can get a fruit drop on a later shot.

The Poacher Bots will tend to generate solid color rows, so rather than targeting them directly, clear the area above them so that the new row will create a branch for a future drop.

Use the Paint bubbles in the cannon to link areas together & use the Sticky Bombs sooner rather than later. There is a Paint bubble at shot 7, handy if you can reach the top row as it can clear more than half of the 10 holes you will need.

30, 22 - PAINT
18, 12 - STICKY BOMB

Although not used in the video. The sweetest spot for the opening shot is the inner ring of the bottom green Magneto (See cursor arrow in the image). This will target the center pink bubbles clearing the Poacher Traps

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