Bubble Safari - Level 88

(Add 6 if using +6 Power-Up)
START - 43 VINE (9)
42 - 36 FIRE BOMB (7)
17, 12 PAINT (2)

The VINES at the start. The row of SPAWNER Bubbles and The top FLOWER BLOSSOMS.

1: VINES: Stack on one side and destroy with the first of your 7 Fire Bombs
2: SPAWNERS: You will always get a row of pink bubbles above the Spawners, which can be popped from either side.. Try to keep the rows intact, if you get the On-Fire bombs in the lower section avoid the centre, use them to clear a path to the side.
3: FLOWER BLOSSOMS: The two Paint Bubbles can help to repaint the top row and; make your 10 ceiling holes.
Note: When using the Paint bubbles, plan your two shots before you fire, then you can fire rapidly before the Flower bubbles land. The Paints are only 5 bubbles apart, so if you switch them out of the canon, you have 4 shots before they will be all you can shoot
Bubble Safari is a free facebook Puzzle game created by ZYNGA
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