Bubble Safari - Level 209

The big hazards on this level are the Spawners (Highlighted in green) & the Mega Spawner (Highlighted purple). They will keep adding more bubbles to connect up all three columns making it difficult to get past.
Start by dropping the left & right side columns, this will remove the Spawners & give you a wall to bounce shots off, so you can shoot above the Spinning Coconut. in the center column
Once you removed the Spinning Coconut, focus on clearing the two Spawners in the center column next, before the Spinning Coconuts in the left & right columns above., The Mega Spawner (In purple) is the top priority because it can add other hazards like Beehives or Poacher Traps.
Above the Mega Spawner there is two more Spawners in the top corners (in green), these are harder to reach so it is better to use your remaining shots trying to clear the center of the top row

26, 16, 6 - STEEL (3)

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