Bubble Safari Level 374

The weakest points on this level are where the left & right sides are connected (Marked with a red X) so target trying to clear these areas to drop the center rows.

The Magnetos are just a distraction, the red magnets are more predictable, but the green ones are best avoided or destroyed. This also applies to the Color Sliders, they may help you, but the biggest hazards are the three Spawners. (Marked with an orange X), as they will quickly fill the center spaces & stop you from reaching the top. Fire bombs are the best waty to remove them. The Fire Bombs in the cannon occur every five shots (see below).

Star by targeting the lower areas marked with a red X. Using the Rotators as they change the color combo's. Try to get to On-Fire & use fire bombs up the center to clear the Mega Spawner in the center above (Purple highlight).

Above the Mega Spawner, continue to focus on breaking the connections on the left & right sides looking for an On-Fire set of three fire bombs to destroy the two Spawners above (Green Highlight) before they become visible & activate. There is a Circle Spawner above them (Purple highlight) if you can not destroy it then. ignore it & focus on breaking the left & right sides to drop the whole center section it is in, this will clear your path to the top row.

27, 22, 17, 12, 7. 2 - FIRE BOMB (6)

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