Bubble Safari - Level 162

This level introduces the TNT bubbles.
The lower section is attached at the left & right sides by the TNT bubbles, once you have cleared the bubbles above the Steel Beehives (marked with an X) you have a lane way to the TNT bubbles at the top (see the red arrows ) use regular bubble shots for the TNT, as On-Fire bombs will not make any difference.
Try to get to On-Fire mode in the lower section even if you need to use two or three shots to first set up the fruit drops (It is worth it) Shoot the three fire bombs up the center to break the line of Poacher Traps & the two center Spawners above.
Get a second set of fire bombs & continue to clear the center up to the top group of Poacher Traps.
With the center disconnected look for opportunities to explode the TNT in the Rotators
Remember that you will always get a row of yellow bubbles on the left & blue bubbles on the right at the top of the Rotators (Red arrows) dropping these should give you a view of the top row.
I find getting past the top group of Poacher Traps is probably the trickiest part, you can do it using fire bombs or bank shots to explode the TNT directly above, which unless you have the Precision Aim can be very tricky, there is also a Steel Bubble in the cannon to help.

12 - STEEL

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