Bubble Safari - Level 122

First drop the middle section of steel bubbles - aim your shooter at the right wall so that it bounces back and just grazes the top of the green repulser's field. Ideally, next clear the right-hand column, then the left side by shooting within the left magnetos field. Be aware that in doing this, you will disturb a beehive, but you also have a good opportunity to get on  fire here.
Above here, you have two entry points to a section of single coloured bubbles - the one on the left is narrow and protected by that beehive and a coconut; the one on the right is wider, but you will have to clear more bubbles to get to it. If you do manage to get on fire at the approach to this section, use it to clear the beehive, and the magneto and surrounding bubbles.
For the middle section, aim at the walls underneath the magnetos to clear the side columns, then drop the center column.
The top section will change rapidly with two spawners and a flower blossom, so be patient and work through it methodically. The center magnetos are useful to curve inwards above the center column cluster. There are a couple of paint bubbles in the shooter towards the end, and these may help to drop the top row quickly.

repulsers; magnetos; beehive; flower blossom; spawners

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