Check Javascript Is Enabled

How To Check Javascript is Enabled:

Zynga games utilize JavaScript which is a client side technology. This means that the actual processing of some of the things that happen within the game will occur on your computer and not on their servers.If you are experiencing difficulties loading or using features within the game you may need to verify that your current internet browser has JavaScript enabled..
*** Note: If you change your Javascript setting, remember to refresh your browser after to apply.

 Google Chrome:

As Chrome installs with javascript enabled and there is no easy security setting from which to alter this setting we must assume that your JavaScript is enabled.


1:Select Tools > Options  from the menu
2: Click Content tab
3: Check Enable Javascript
4: Click OK
5: Refresh/reload your browser window

 Internet Explorer:

1: Open the Tools menu.
2: Select Tools > Internet Options, to open the Internet Options dialog box.
3: Click the Security tab.
4: Click the Internet symbol (a globe).
5: Click the Custom Level button, to open the Security Settings dialog box.
6: In the Settings list, scroll down to Scripting.
7: Under Active Scripting, click the radio button to the left of enable
8. Close Internet Explorer and re-launch

 Opera 9x

1. Select Tools > Preferences.
2. Select the Advanced tab.
3. Click History.
4. In the Disk cache section, click Empty Now.
5. Click OK to close Preferences.


1: From the Gears Icon at the top right of your browser select Preferences
2: Select the Security tab.
3: Check Enable Javascript
4: Close the Preferences window.
5: Refresh/reload your browser window