Bubble Safari Level 265

Like most of the levels in this region you will need some practice & luck with the Inch Worm colors.
Start by dropping the left & right sides while looking for a chance for On-Fire Bombs to remove the Flower Blossom in the center above. (Marked with red X)
Use fire bombs to clear the bubbles below the first Flower Blossom... Don't try to use them to shoot high & clear the bubbles above the red line, the Inch Worms are more effective to do that.

With the bubbles cleared up to the first Flower Blossom, try to clear a path through the cemter so you can shoot the second Sticky Bomb up to the top row (This can clear most of your 10 holes in the top for you).
Try to stop the bubble rack from dropping down any further, as this will stop the Circle Spawners & Flower Blossoms at the top from becoming visible, so then they won't activate & make it harder to pop the top row bubbles

14, 7 - STICKY BOMB (2)

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