Bubble Safari - Level 106

The game starts with three Sticky Bombs in the cannon. The first two can be safely used on the time clocks left & right, just make sure your shot touches a bubble before a Poacher Trap. ry to get near a Beehive before you use the third Sticky Bomb

Look to get to On-Fire in the lower section & use the fire bombs to remove the Beehives on the right side (In orange highlight) before the Spawner (green highlight), the Spawner won't cost you cannon shots & the extra bubbles means more points.

Once past the lower section the task is really to thin the bubble pack out..Look for same color combo's that can give you the fruit drops & try to keep a dangling branch on one side, this will stop the bubble rack from dropping too low & the Poacher Bot coming on screen & activating too soon.
With the Poacher Bot, don't focus too much on destroying it as soon as possible, one or two extra rows means more points. Keep thinning the pack & clearing the sides to the top row. The Flower Blossom will make the center more difficult, so focus more on clearing the left & right sides of the top row.

There is also 3 coconuts starting at shot 21
(see below)

START, 45, 44, 35 - STICKY BOMB (3)
26, 24, 22  - COCONUT (3)

Bubble Safari is a free facebook Puzzle game created by ZYNGA
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