Bubble Safari - Level 205

The two main tips to this level sre, try to get to On-Fire as often as possible & focus on removing the Flower Blossoms before the Spinning Coconuts.
Although this is the Spinning Coconut region on this level it is the Flower Blossoms (Highlighted in red) that will cause you a bigger problem, their random color changes can undo any progress you are making to get to On-Fire.
Start by looking for where you can get fruit drops, use your first shots to create two or three more.Getting to On-Fire early will be a big help. With the fire bombs target the Flower Blossoms & then Spinning Coconuts at the bottom up to the line of two red Magnetos.. Continue to look for the opportunity to get to On-Fire & use the fire bombs to start breaking up the center this will remove the center flower Blossom & break up the game so you can improve your chances of a repeat set of fire bombs.
The red & green Magnetos will generally be of no help, pf both the red Magnetos are more predictable, but on this level it is easier just to try & avoid them.

Notes on On-Fire mode
To get to On-Fire you need to drop fruit on three consecutive shots, even if it is only one piece, on a level like this, look more for the three drops rather than the big drops. The fire bombs will  help you to remove the Flower Blossoms & Spinning Coconuts, big drops may actually make it harder because you may reduce the available matches you have available
Also remember that with On-Fire, a fruit drop on the third fire bomb will count as the first drop on your next set of three drops.

30, 18 - TNT (2)

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