Bubble Safari - Level 125

Another set opening... The rows of blue and yellow bubbles up to the row of pink bubbles are always the same. On the bottom section, shoot fast while switching the cannon bubbles  to avoid the Spawners dropping a bubble to block you. The images below show the sweet spots.
If you get the on-fire bombs be careful not to shoot the green Magneto at the top left, otherwise the only way to the top is to clear the pink bubble in the row of steel bubbles.
SWEETSPOTS (Click on the images to enlarge)

Aim for the top right corner where th branches intersect for all shots, be ready to switch cannon shots to beat the Spawners

2- YELLOW BUBBLES; Cursor on the outside right corner of the red magnet. Shoot a yellow bubble between the Poacher Traps to the row of yellow bubbles above

Aim a blue bubble between the row of Beehives. If you have fire bombs you can remove the red magnet but not green ones (you may need them to reach the pink bubbles above

Aim a pink bubble at the elbow of the vine on the wall to get through the green magnets
Bubble Safari is a free facebook Puzzle game created by ZYNGA
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ladimay said...

I have completed level 125,but what do I do next as their is 2 option's 1 a picture of tool's and 2 poacher's trap's but neither option is active can anyone advise me please.

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