Bubble Safari - Level 111

The level has a tricky start as you will need to keep the Basket Bomb supplied with time clocks while trying to get the three drops for On-Fire. There is always a line of three blue bubbles above the coconuts on the left side & a line of three pink bubbles on the right side (Marked in red), look to drop at least one side so you have a wall to bounce off. then you have more angles to shoot at the center column.
Above the line of Coconuts the game gets easier. The big hazard is the Flower Blossom on the left side as it's random color changes will disturb any color combo's you have so target this first. There is a Poacher Bot in the center, don't try to remove before it has added one row, you may need the extra bubbles to get enough points for a star.Above the Poacher Bot is a Spawner & Steel Bubbles, don't waste fire bombs trying to clear them - fire bombs don't work against Steel Bubbles, instead use the fire to clear the left & right sides.

If you are using Bonus Bubbles, the basket Bomb counter will count down for the bonus as well/

START, 38, 33    RAINBOW (3)

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