Bubble Safari - Level 131

This level has a tricky opening, you will have to break through the right side rows first to stop the vine spreading, this will also drop the Poacher Trap rows.
The center sections in this level are either connected at  one side only or connected by a single coconut, this is the most important point to dropping the sections, so focus more on clearing the left & right side columns. The gaps in the rows are a good guide as to where the weak points are, which if you can, try to clear before the bubble rack pushes down on screen.
There are sticky bombs in the cannon, not much use to me as the game will generally change before they detonate.

All four Sticky Bombs in the hopper occur at numbers ending in a 4 (Makes it easy to remember!)

34, 24, 14, 4 - STICKY BOMB (4)

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