Power Ups


  • Undo - undo your last move – Only ONCE per level. 

  • +2 Friends - two extra neighbour slots per level (neighbour slots allow you to swap bubbles with each other) 

  • Level Peak - scroll to the top of the page so you can see what bubbles are hidden above 

  • +6 Extra - 6 extra bubbles. 

  • · Starting Birds- start the level with 3 hummingbirds. 

  • Extended Aim - extends your bubble's shooter line to help with tough angle shots. 

  • Extra Fire - 1 fire bubble per level to use whenever you want. 

  • Beehive - block bee attacks, only 3 per level. 

  • Spawner - sends a hummingbird to temporarily disable spawners. 

  • Poacher Traps - temporarily disables poacher traps.

Bubble Safari is a free facebook Puzzle game created by ZYNGA.
Videos and tips are available on our Bubble Safari All Help Group Website. Please bookmark us and visit regularly for updates. Join our Group on Facebook for interactive support, fun and chat!

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