Spooktacular Adventure


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A new timed quest for Halloween
The Power-Up on offer is The Permanent Level Peek, a handy addition, if you managed to grab for yourself The Permanent Birds from the one of the previous two quests... Remember to go back & claim when you pass a level in the quest.. to make sure the next level is set as a new task

What else is in the Quest?

The Trick ? The candy appears in bubbles on all levels you play, not just quest levels, to get the candy you must drop the bubble (the candy will fall like fruit) popping the bubble will not give you the candy
The Treat? a bit stingy I think, complete the first task of 600 candies & the second will get you 1000 coins for another 500 candies

Flaming Pumpkins
This one is more interesting, build 10 & get additional sweepstakes tickets. The Flaming Pumpkin is a stronger version of the fire bomb and when built are added to your Bubbles From Friends. Once you have completed the 10, you can start building 10 more...  that's good.

More info as it becomes available.....
Happy Halloween everybody!!

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