Poacher Ambush Quest


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A new timed quest... with more bugs than a Cold War embassy. There is only one part to the mission, complete levels to win 20 uses of the Precision Aim Power-Up & play bonus games for Safari cash,  coins & energy. You can complete the mission more than once.
Many people are finding on repeat missions, they are not restricted to playing the assigned game... try it out, exit the designated game & play a level you prefer then go back & check the mission meter
Mission Meter
The bonus games are easy to play.
However, you do not have to complete the bonus games to receive your 20 uses of the Precision Aim Power-Up... they will be given to you automatically...
Bonus Game 4 is worth a full energy recharge, so wait until your energy is low before completing the game.

New levels to go with the Quest.. The new hazard is the Tree Frog, similar to the Chameleon in the Vivid Village region, except the same color cannon bubble entering it's field will pop rather than change color. All in all not a bad region
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