Bubble Safari Ocean Level 257

In my opinion, this is the hardest level in Bubble Safari Ocean since level 67.
Getting to Frenzy Bubbles in the lower section is a necessity & takes some planning, as the game will tempt you with one or two gem drops but not the three you need, so try to set up some drops by dropping non-matching shots onto colored pairs first.The center section is connected by ghost bubbles at the top so removing the bottom corners will drop the entire center group.
Don't be too distracted with the two +3 bubbles, even on a good game you will probably need to have the Precision Aim to collect them.
With the center dropped there is the harder top section with the rows of -3 bubbles. All the Crab Babies at the top are in a ring around the center, so the quickest route to them is through the center. Start by trying to break through the center group of bubbles, with the center broken you have a better chance of dropping the sides & hopefully getting to Frenzy mode. The Octopi on the sides are another distraction, as they will cost you shots to try & remove. You will probably need to get to Frenzy mode at least two times in the top section to win the game, so rather than trying to destroy all the -3 bubbles try to just break the rows connecting them to leave yourself a chance of getting another set of Frenzy Bubbles.  

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